I would like to be an invitation and empower everyone who is asking for change, greater and to create a life, career and business that works for them.

Change starts with asking questions.

Questions are the source of creation!

What if you start asking different questions that can create the change in your life, career and business that you desire?

We can change anything in our life, all we got to do is choose!

In my coaching sessions I would like to invite you to see what is true for you and what works for you.

I work with a set of tools that can help you to create change with ease.



I offer:


Coaching for directors, director of photography in the commercial film industry and beyond.


Coaching for commercial production companies:

  • Director portfolio analysis
  • Coaching for directors reps and sales reps
  • Coaching for Executives and employes.


And what other questions and topics do you have, that you would like to look at and change and ask questions around?


If you ended up here and none of the above mentioned  applies to you, you are still welcome to reach out.

You are welcome with what ever you would like to look into and change an.


Book a coaching session:

I do coaching sessions in person, but also online via Skype or Zoom.

I usually arrange a short phone call where you can tell me what you would like to look into. That phone call is free of charge. After the phone call you can still decided if you would like to book a coaching session.


Feel invited to get in touch either via phone or email:

Tel: +49 (0) 170 3254783


And what else is possible?


I also offer several treatments that can help to relax and destress. Its always a great addition to create more change with ease.

You can find out more here: