It was clear to me from early on that I wanted to work in the media and be with creative people. My career path lead me from film and theatre ultimately to advertising.


I have worked for more than 10 years now as directors rep, agent and manager for filmmakers in the area of film and TV commercials. In my line of work it is all about boosting young talents and already established artists, giving support and advice when needed and to help them reach their goals both creatively and professionally.


Additionally I trained and qualified as a Personal Coach / Business Coach in at the Coaching Akademie in Berlin because the personal development of people has also always been of keen interest to me.


It follows automatically in my job as manager that because of the close relationship with clients not only professional goals are a priority. On the contrary the professional- and personal life is closely connected and if one outweighs the other it affects the balance and vice versa.


During the years in my profession I noticed that professional success or the attainment of general goals in life as well as personal development depends on the mental resources of people.


At times we have the feeling we are stuck and cannot develop further, this can be professionally or personally. Coaching can help to define ones own profile more accurately or put goals lost back into focus. But additionally apart from professional problems it is to find answers to subjects and questions of a more personal nature which may bring advancement.


If you are interested in a Coaching pleaseĀ get in touch.